Lucid Fusion, Inc.

Lucid Fusion is a new media-marketing agency with award-winning, multiplatform campaigns that enable clients to effectively connect the client brand to its customers, while achieving more accurate metrics and greater return on investment. My objective was to lead the design of the next launch of, a website that showcases the variety of services and work of the agency. My responsibilities include translating high-level UX deliverables into full-fidelity visual design, creating 5 different web experiences for the 5 distinct divisions. Here’s what the app division looks like:


Also, I created 30+ icons from scratch to represent the services, process infographics, and the redesign of their public relations website (check it out!). In the meantime, stay tuned at for the latest updates on the new site.

Feel free to contact me if you’re interested to know more about my work at Lucid Fusion.